Building Classrooms
To Flourish

We aim to create educational environments where the common well-being is prioritised, the potential to flourish and thrive is enhanced, and resilience to cope with life’s ups and downs is nourished.

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Teacher, Child, Caretaker

Our projects are grounded in the fundamental triangle between teachers, children and caretakers.

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Social Emotional Learning

We believe the research of social emotional learning and positive psychology are a vital part of education.

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Free Resources

All resources are accessible for free and will be continuously updated and curated to the local context.

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Happy Society
Soz Fonds has been working for children in Kurdistan/ Northern Iraq since 2005. This project has the focus enable children, teachers and parents to become more resilient and experience inner peace despite recent conflicts and chaos in the region. The CD4D (IOM) project has made it possible for Soz Fonds to set up this project since 2018.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

More Coming Soon

At this moment, a diverse team of educators, volunteers, local teachers, interdisciplinary experts, and participating testers with various backgrounds are working hard to establish a virtual platform that provides the tools necessary to make classrooms a safe and thriving space.
Many tools, materials, courses, and methods are being curated and put together to be made available for free.

With the green light of the Ministry of Education in the Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq and the support by the CD4D project of the IOM, this project will make it possible for educators, children, and caretakers across the whole region to access free resources to help them flourish.

“Your materials helped me re-discover the powerful beliefs that made me want to teach in the first place. The words and statements re-ignited my passion for teaching. It feels like I’m back in my first days of teaching, where I was enthusiastic and clear about my vocation and fully purposeful.”

Z., Slemani - 2022